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2. Standards of Practice

2.9 Attic, Ventilation & Insulation

I. The inspector shall inspect:

  1. the insulation in unfinished spaces;
  2. the ventilation of attic spaces;
  3. mechanical ventilation systems;
  4. and report on the general absence or lack of insulation in unfinished spaces.

II. The inspector is not required to:

  1. enter the attic or any unfinished spaces that are not readily accessible, or where entry could cause damage or pose a safety hazard to the inspector, in his or her opinion.
  2. move, touch, or disturb insulation.
  3. move, touch or disturb vapor retarders.
  4. break or otherwise damage the surface finish or weather seal on or around access panels or covers.
  5. identify the composition or exact R-value of insulation material.
  6. activate thermostatically operated fans.
  7. determine the types of materials used in insulation or wrapping of pipes, ducts, jackets, boilers or wiring.
  8. determine the adequacy of ventilation.

2.10 Doors, Windows & Interior